Smithwick's St. Francis Abbey Brewery ...

Smithwick Brewery street view
At the beginning the brewery was very small only supplying a small local following but has grown greatly over the past 300 years. Although none of his own sons followed in their father?s footsteps and the brewery was sold, the brewery was not long out of the ownership of the Smithwick?s family. John?s grandson Edmond Smithwick bought it back and it has been in the Smithwick family ever since. Not only a great businessman Edmond Smithwick gave a lot back to the city, not only by providing employment but also by setting up a soup kitchen during the famine and contributing greatly to the building of St. Mary?s Cathedral a short distance from the Brewery.

Smithwick Brewery gate view
Even to this day they are sponsors of the Smithwick Kilkenny Rhythm & Roots Music Festival and the Cat Laughs Festival both very well know and popular festival in Kilkenny. The Smithwick?s St. Francis Abbey Brewery has survived over 300 years despite many adversities which include, Penal Laws, Famine, near bankruptcy, strikes, war and flooding and is a must see when visiting Kilkenny City.

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