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Shankill Castle Gardens
Shankill Castle is situated in Paulstown just 15km from Kilkenny City on the N10 old Kilkenny to Carlow Road. Visitors are invited to walk in the grounds and gardens, and there are guided tours of the house. Dating from the 17th century, Shankill Castle has some wonderful features such as the ornamental canal, which has been recently restored. It is the home of a very distinguished Irish painter, Elizabeth Cope, and her family and is at the heart of a large farm. Originally the castle started off as a Butler tower-house, near the ruins of a church. In 1708 it was rebuilt and set as a formal landscape with a vista to the front and a canal to the rear. In the 19th century it was enlarged and castellated, serpentine bays were added to the canal, as was a gothic porch carrying the Alyward crest on the front, and a wonderful conservatory was also added.

Shankill Castle
The garden boasts remnants of 18th century Lime Alles, 19th century laurel lawns, and some Victorian favourites such as the gigantic Sequoias and some self-grown Ash trees. The moated garden, which was once a rose garden, is now a spring garden and the graveyard (which is close to the church) blooms all year round. Shankill Castle and grounds boasts an air of romance and decadence and is a wonderful peaceful place where all ages can enjoy.

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