Dunmore Cave ...

Dunmore Cave
Dunmore Caves are located off the N78 Kilkenny to Castlecomer Road, 10 km from Kilkenny City. Consisting of a series of chambers formed over millions of years, the cave contains some of the finest calcite formations found in any Irish cave. In 1967 a visitor centre and site museum were built. Known to man for many centuries it is first mentioned in the 9th century Irish Triads. The huge, imposing entrance, has been known for centuries, but it is only comparatively recently that it has been fully explored. From the eighteenth century onwards a number of visitors, including scientists and historians, have written about the cave. Remains found at Dunmore include coins and human bones. An old chronicle tells about a tragedy around AD 928, when more than 1000 people were seeking refuge underground from marauding Vikings.

Dunmore Cave
In 1973 the bones of 44 people, mostly women, children and elderly folk, where found in the cave. In 1996 more human bones were discovered in another part of the cave. It was a female and a new born child or foetus. It is not clear if they are related to the 44 others. In 2000, a tour guide found a Viking treasure of coins and woven silver buttons.

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