St. Canice's Cathedral and Round Tower ...

St Canices Cathedral Side View
St. Canice’s Cathedral and Round Tower is a must see when you visit the Medieval City of Kilkenny. The Cathedral was founded in the 6th Century and named after St. Canice, the name Kilkenny in Gaelic “Cill Chainnigh translates as Church of Chainnigh or Canice. The Cathedral boasts wonderful stained glassed windows and very unique stone carved tombstones with can be viewed within the Cathedral. The Cathedral is also the setting for national concerts and other events, such as many events hosted by the Kilkenny Arts Festival held for two weeks every August. A must see for any tourist visiting Kilkenny, St. Canice’s Cathedral and Round Tower provides a view of many forms of craftsmanship from the Stained Glassed windows, marble columns, moulded arches and carved tombstone and a great view over the city.

St Canices Cathedral
The Round Tower is the oldest standing structure in Kilkenny City and it is believed to have been the centre of the first major settlement in Kilkenny. The area surrounding the Cathedral, called “Irishtown” is the oldest part of the City. Tourists over 12 can enjoy climbing the Round Tower which provides great views of the city. The Tower is 30m (100ft) high, but when it was originally built it would have had a conical top, adding a further 5m (18ft) to its height, being removed to allow access for those energetic enough and with a head for heights, it maybe reached by climbing a series of internal ladders raising seven floors and with a total of 121 step. In 1846 – 1847, the base of the tower was excavated and a pavement was discovered; and the skeletons of two adults and two children were also found. The skeletons had been buried in a traditional Christian manner: With their feet to the East and their heads facing West.

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