Knockroe Passage Tomb ...

Knockroe passage tomb
The Neolithic passage tomb at Knockroe while being smaller and less well known as Newgrange, is still quite impressive and important. Situated just 40 minutes from Kilkenny City off the N76 Kilkenny to Clonmel road on the R698. The monument known locally as 'The Caiseal' has two passages on the southern side. The eastern passage has a cruciform chamber with a sill stone towards the front of the passage. On the southern side some of the very large kerbstones are arcing around to the western passage and also some of the quartz that is scattered around the site. Although the western passage has a more simple design it is more interesting in that it has an alignment to the winter solstice but unlike Newgrange the sun enters the passage at sun set rather than sun rises and on both sides of the entrance are several large graded orthostats (stone slabs) that give the impression of a court when viewed from the front and looking up through the western passage at the decorated stones forming the chamber demonstrates just how magical this site is.

Knockroe passage tomb
The art work on some of these stones compare to the designs at Gavrinis in Brittany, France. All around, you will started to notice several more designs on other stones in fact both of these chambers and the kerbstones are richly decorated with rock art, but due to weathering the art work on the eastern passage and the kerbstones is not that obvious.

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